Agape Women's Ministry is under the Pastoral ministry of Agape Life Ministries, Inc. The Women's Ministry is comprised of virtuous, wise, and visionary women who share a common goal of advancing Agape Life's vision of nurturing and developing biblical knowledgeable, spiritually discerning, and prayerful women.

To accomplish that vision, the Women's Ministry conducts regular meetings in which the spiritual and personal needs of each woman are addressed because it is our core belief that an empowered woman is an asset to her home, church, and society!

The Women's Ministry's work is not confined to the Church but extends to the community. Our love, passion, and commitment to public service are demonstrated through our volunteer work with Elizabeth House, and D.C. Central Kitchen, where we prepare meals for the homeless in the community. Furthermore, in collaboration with members of the health care community, the Women's Ministry offers free health care services to members of the church and the community by organizing a Health Fair annually.